A collection of logos designed for a diverse group of companies.

Be Dashing logo

Be Dashing 

Be Dashing is a culture and lifestyle brand that focuses on grooms. I took elements from being a classic gentleman and aspects of being "dashing" in the modern age and created a timeless logo. The cufflinks harken back to a time of more elegant fashion and the slab serif adds a strength to the mark while maintaining this classic ideal and sensibility. The logotype is punctuated with a period which aligns with the company's desire to make a statement with their name. The logo is a call to action as much as it represents timeless ideals of being a man.

Darling Beauty logo

Darling Beauty 

Darling Beauty combines hair styling and make-up artistry focused primarily in the wedding industry. The logo combines classic themes, characterized by the "cameo" profile, updated and modernized portraying a young woman. A script 'D' resembles a lock of hair and surrounds the woman's profile to balance and frame the mark. The elegant line work is feminine and clean for a modern and timeless aesthetic.

Drive With Heart logo

Drive With Heart / American Heart Association 

The Drive With Heart Foundation works alongside the American Heart Association and puts on an annual celebrity golf tournament whose proceeds go towards research. I designed a logo for the golf tournament that could also be used across collateral and apparel. My solution involved creating an icon to stand apart from the event's title. I illustrated a classic golf swing, keeping it timeless by "dressing" the golfer in traditional attire. A heart negative shape elegantly presents itself from within the swing. The icon's circular shape makes it strong and versatile for a variety of uses. The cool red tone is vibrant and authentic.

Gooddog logo


Gooddog is a dog walking and pet sitting service. As a small business, the owner wanted a unique and friendly logo to represent her and her love of animals. The concept was a perfect fit for my illustrative style. I created an icon based off of one of the most loveable dogs - the Labrador Retriever. Carefully tilting his head to the side and adding the halo gave the icon an endearing quality. Kerning the typeface tightly and setting it on an arc supported this look and feel, adding some life to the wordmark. Combined with a fun, feminine and vibrant color pallette the logo was a sweet start for her new endeavor.

Summer Sailstice logo

Summer Sailstice

Summer Sailstice is an annual sailing event celebrating the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. The goal of this mark was to utilize the sun element of the old logo, but use it a new, approachable way. The sun is stylized and serves in contrast to the curved shapes of the logotype. It's placed naturally and figuratively at the highest point in the mark. The type is set closely allowing the natural lilt and curve of the descenders to hint at waves. The name "Summer Sailstice" was distilled way down to focus on the reason the event exists and that's to just - sail. It serves as an aspiration and a directive for this global event.

Futura Precast logo

Futura Precast & Stone

Futura Precast & Stone manufactures concrete and fiberglass reinforced products used in architectural applications. The products have a variety of finishes but are all based off of a fiberglass and concrete material. Using the popular and well-balanced typeface Futura as a base, cuts and elegant spacing were utilized to make a dynamic, custom logotype. The shapes come together much like the fibers that make up these architectural products, mimicking this process and creating a strong mark. The logo's color pallette originates from the company's Southern California location, leveraging the natural combination of earth and water.

Catalyst Partners logo

Catalyst Partners / A Division of Accenture

Catalyst Partners is a joint venture between Accenture Partners and Bay Area communities to provide business training and resources to those communities. The logo uses Rotis Sans, the typeface of Accenture to overtly connect the organization's efforts to the parent company. The idea of a catalyst comes through in the elegant swap of the 't' with a plus sign. The symbol at once speaks to the role of Accenture as both the catalyst for community improvement, and as a partner and added ingredient to the community's own strengths and contributions toward growth.

Hard Knox logo

Hard Knox Café

A soulfood restaurant situated along the railway in San Francisco's Portrero Hill district, Hard Knox Café serves up classic dishes like fried chicken and collard greens. The logo takes advantage of the restaurant's location and utilizes a stylized 'x' in the visual language of a railway system that might be seen on a sign or stamp. The distress of the letterform speaks to the grit and grind of the area's storied history. The strong, display type gives the logo a substantial feel and strong contrast, also consistent with railway system signage and logos.


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