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Z1R Helmets is a mid-level helmet brand that targets men 18-45. I was tasked with designing a website and web collateral that was more cohesive with the graphic style of the helmets and more functional. The new site has more dynamic feature graphics, polished product photography, clear navigation and is standards based. Visually the site mirrors it's cleintele, balancing a youthful, dynamic personality with a clean and accessible side to resonate with riders. The new website, in combination with web banners and brand videos, has played a strong role in updating the look and feel of the brand and in driving focused traffic to the site.


Design / Art Direction / Graphics

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Z1R Helmets Display Ads Z1R Helmets Display Ads Pandora helmet graphic

Display Ads

Online advertising for Z1R exists among a sea of alike competitors. The banners I designed strived to support the brand position of both high-quality and dynamic helmet graphics in the mid-price range. I leveraged the graphic style of the helmets with custom, stylized type and utilized restraint and use of space to distinguish and elevate the online ads.


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