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My most recent project as the Thor Motocross web designer involved designing an updated facade to the brand's rather dated website. This was done as part of a larger redesign and rethink of the site that will be implemented in 2012. A new graphic slideshow that expands to fit wide screen monitors was a part of this facelift as well as a restructure to a grid based layout. Already the new layout has led to quick iterations and faster uploads of time sensitive assets, like race report graphics and stories, and 2012 product launch features. The site has received a good amount of industry and consumer praise for it's more dramatic appearance and has set it apart among competitors during the critical 2012 Thor product launch.


Design / Art Direction / Graphics

Thor Motocross homepage Thor Motocross homepage
RacerX takeover

Display Ads

In creating display graphics for Thor it was important to me that the brand remain distinguished among the rest of the moto brands. The following banner ads were all innovative in one way or another in the moto world. I took advantage of site takeovers to create a strong Thor presence in online advertising.

Force Cube banners Thor Amateurs banners Thor Amateurs banners

Of Note

Youth sensibilities reigned for the Thor Amateur Team. For the Vurb Moto site I took an irreverant approach to the banners. I "tagged" their newly designed, clean-look site with Thor imagery and rider promotion. They launched their new site with Thor graffiti all over it...and loved it.

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